Altium unveils automotive safety program for ISO 26262 certification -

Altium unveils automotive safety program for ISO 26262 certification

Altium Limited has just made available its TASKING ISO 26262 Support Program to assist TASKING compiler users within the automotive industry with ISO 26262 certification.

“Automotive embedded systems must be underpinned by high reliability and safety,” said Harm-Andre Verhoef, Product Manager TASKING at Altium. “This remains of critical concern to the automotive industry and follows a number of embarrassing, and potentially life-threatening, failures of coding in automotive embedded systems.”

Automotive systems safety issues compound when numerous systems must interoperate, while providing passenger comfort and features.

“Embedded software forms a critical path in systems such as Driver Assistance, Propulsion, In-Vehicle Dynamics, and Active and Passive Safety Devices,” he said. “To mitigate the compounding safety risks associated with these embedded systems, the ISO 26262 standard provides guidance along with requirements and processes for testing and certifying automotive embedded software and development tools for safety.”

With this in mind, Verhoef siad the company has launched its TASKING ISO 26262 Support Program to provide automakers and parts suppliers with a qualification kit and optional qualification services to comply with ISO 26262 assessment requirements related to confidence in use of TASKING compilers in safety relevant systems.

Through the TASKING compiler ISO 26262 qualification kit, he said developers are provided with all the necessary evidence that ISO 26262 requires for the qualification of a software tool. This evidence includes the following elements:

– Safety Manual, describing how to configure the compiler for safety-related projects, including recommended use cases and mitigation strategies for potential errors.

– Test Reports produced by the Perennial C Compiler Validation Suite test suite, which demonstrates conformance to ISO C90 and ISO C99 language definition.

– Defect Reports & Mitigations, provided for all defects found through Altium internal testing and reported by users. These reports are updated and published on a daily basis.

– Development Process Guide, describing the software development process applied to produce the compiler, and covers project management, requirements management, defect analysis & resolution, testing, and quality assurance.

The Support Program also provides a suite of professional services from Altium, including special ISO 26262 priority support and guidance for commercial off-the-shelf software tool qualification, where the qualification activities are partly performed by the “tool developer” and partly by the “tool user”.

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