Altreonic adopts and distributes game changing e-battery -

Altreonic adopts and distributes game changing e-battery


Altreonic and Tomen Energy signed an exclusive agreement for a Joint Venture to further develop the market of its disruptive battery technology. Based on a patented novel type of carbon based super capacitor, it will make electric vehicles become more like traditional ICE vehicles with fast charging and operating without any problems from -40°C, resp. -20°C to +50°C. No complex Battery Management System and no active cooling is needed. The battery itself remains very cool due to its very low internal resistance and thermal run-away risks are a thing of the past.  The batteries have a very long life time (20000 cycles and more) so that no costly midlife replacements are needed.  Overall, the novel batteries are a significant step for a practical transition to a clean and sustainable electricity driven world.

The technology itself is unique and combines for the first time the energy density of traditional Li-ion batteries with the inherent safety and lifetime properties of super capacitors. The energy density itself is 10 to 20 higher than what Lithium based super capacitors can offer. The technology also allows producing different versions of the cells with more or less energy density or more or less power density. Hence, batteries can be charged and discharged much faster (up to 20 times for the power type of cells) without jeopardising the lifetime or safety. At system level this translates into smaller batteries and lower energy consumption whereby vehicles can rapidly charge when stopping for a short time.

The battery technology itself has multiple uses such as vehicle batteries, booster batteries, starter batteries, charging stations, energy storage, frequency adaptors as well as applications whereby energy has to be very fast stored or discharged. Tests have shown that e.g. gasoline powered cars equipped with such a battery have a lower fuel consumption (up to 16 %) because the battery maintains a constant higher voltage at the spark plugs than possible with a lead-acid battery.

These new batteries will be used in the upcoming Shuttle-KURT vehicles.

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