AMCC goes to VisualSim for nextgen net processor exploration -

AMCC goes to VisualSim for nextgen net processor exploration


Sunnyvale, Ca. – To help in the definition and exploration ofalternatives in next generation network and storage processingarchitectures, Applied Micro Circuit Corp. has adopted MirabilisDesign's VisualSim modeling tools.

According Chris Bergen, Network Chief Technology Officer at AMCC,the company is making use of VisualSim's modeling libraries – whichrange from base queuing, scheduling and algorithmic building blocks tohigh function components such as, DDR2, processor cores and DMA – torapidly capture the system description and conduct performance analysisof the SOC and subsystems at the queue, scheduler and algorithm levelof abstraction.

Such capabilities are necessary, he said, in order to get feedbackon key performance metrics including latency and utilization of sharedresources, work queue build up and Quality of Service (QOS) efficiencythroughout the SOC.

Bergen said AMCC will use MirabilisDesign's VisualSim standard modeling libraries to create custom andstandard SoC components for next generation storage and networkprocessor designs.

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