AMD/EyeSight target Windows 8 apps with gesture recognition -

AMD/EyeSight target Windows 8 apps with gesture recognition

AMD’s upcoming APUs – codenamed “Richland” and “Temash” – will offer feature gesture control with accelerated performance in comparison to traditional CPUs, using technology from EyeSight .

Following hot on the heels of AMD’s APU introductions at the 2013 CES, the company is planning to integrate gesture control technology in its next-generation Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) platforms.

While “Richland” and “Temash” are intended primarily for desktop, laptop and tablet PCs, integration of eyeSight’s gesture recognition optimized for AMD’s Gesture Control features in the “Richland” and “Temash” will make it possible for the architecture to process gestures with optimal speed, accuracy and efficiency.

By running the video processing algorithms on the upcoming APUs, eyeSight was able to achieve remarkably low CPU consumption compared to running on traditional X86 CPUs. In some cases, the processing time has even been reduced by a factor of 20x- allowing eyeSight to introduce additional code and significantly increase recognition accuracy.

Already considered an attractive option for any OEM looking to build a PC, laptop or tablet with gesture control functionality, combining AMD’s CPUs will bring touch-free control to a wider variety of functions and software environments including the Windows 8 modern UI , PowerPoint, Windows Media Player, Windows photo gallery, eBooks, and PDF readers.

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