AMD, Oracle team on heterogeneous core-capable Java -

AMD, Oracle team on heterogeneous core-capable Java


Santa Clara, Ca . – Microprocessor chip company Advanced Micro Devices Inc. has joined with Oracle Inc. to work on how Java be used to accelerate code execution on heterogeneous multicore based platforms, which would include graphics processor units (GPUs).

According to Phil Rogers, AMD Corporate Fellow and the Heterogenous System Architecture (HSA) president, AMD, Oracle and other members of the OpenJDK community are forming Project Sumatra to help bring heterogeneous computing capabilities to Java for server and cloud computing environments.

The project will explore how the Java Virtual Machine, the Java language and applications programming interfaces can allow applications to be accelerated by GPUs, either in discrete graphics cards or as found in mixed-processor systems such as accelerated processing units (APUs).

Project Sumatra is an open source project in support of Java which is related to Aparapi, an API for data parallel Java and Rootbeer, a compiler that supports Java programming on GPUs. The project may also provide guidance on enabling heterogeneous compute support for other JVM-based languages such as Scala, JRuby and Jython.

“We expect our work with AMD and other OpenJDK participants in Project 'Sumatra'  will eventually help provide Java developers with the ability to quickly leverage GPU acceleration for better performance,” said Georges Saab, vice president of software development for the Java Platform Group at Oracle.

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