AMD’s CPU roadmap includes 64-bit ARM comm SoC -

AMD’s CPU roadmap includes 64-bit ARM comm SoC

San Francisco, Ca.Advanced Micro Devices  this week provided a few more details on its 2014 road map for embedded processors, which includes a 64-bit ARM SOC.

Its game plan is to play to its strengths in the high end, where it is already established, and, unlike Intel, avoid going head to head with other ARM licensees in the mobile market.

Its ARM SoC is named the Hierofalcon will pack four to eight 64-bit ARM Cortex A57 CPU cores along with 10GBase-KR Ethernet and PCI Express Gen 3 links going after high end designs in the communications and storage markets.

The 28nm device will go up against Intel's 22nm Rangeley, an Atom-based SoC already shipping. It will come in versions spanning 15 to 30W and support ARM's Trust Zone security implemented on a Cortex A5.

To protect is base in the high end embedded market, AMD also announced two x86-based processors and a next-generation graphics core – called Adelaar – all coming in 2014 and made in a 28nm process. The graphics core will ship early next year and embeds 2 Gbytes of GDDR5 memory and will have 76 Gbyte/s memory throughput..

Also planned is a G-series embedded part called Steppe Eagle that incorporates two to four of AMD’s enhanced Jaguar x86 cores and a Radeon 8000 GPU. It will come in versions dissipating as little as 5W. The Steppe Eagle part will fit into sockets of existing G-Series chips launched in April, offering better performance per watt than earlier implementations.

A high-end R-series part called Bald Eagle will be AMD's first embedded part using the GPU/CPU coherent memory approach defined by the Heterogeneous Systems Architecture Foundation. It uses two to four of AMD’s enhanced Steamroller x86 cores and a Radeon 9000 GPU.

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