Amino picks Espial -

Amino picks Espial


Cambridge, UK — Amino plans to use Espial Suite for TV for its AmiNET range of IP set-top boxes. The combined solution provides an improved, accurate rendering of Web content, and enables interactivity via the TV remote control.

The Espial Escape browser allows control of TV menus and video playback within an HTML application and the Espial Suite for TV supports native platforms enabling the solution used by Amino to be available 'out of the box'.

Mike Greenall, marketing director of Amino, said, “By using Espial Suite for TV, we were able to dramatically improve the quality of the 'HTML-on-TV' experience for our set-top boxes.”

Dr. Neale Foster, director of TV at Espial, said, “One of the fastest growing segments of set-top box deployment is in the IP market. IP TV designs require a faithful and accurate Web experience due to the always on broadband connection that is present. Previous generations may have tolerated a subset experience, but today's users demand more.

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