Amino to add Firefox browser to IPTV box -

Amino to add Firefox browser to IPTV box

LONDON — Amino is to integrate the Firefox browser into its range of IPTV set-top boxes. Firefox, recently reported to be approaching a 13% share of the Internet browser market on PCs, will be ported to the Amino (Cambridge, U.K.) software stack and adapted to provide consumers with a clear television interface, which the company says will be different from the web-user experience of the current software.

It will also give Amino the ability to customise and optimise the browser for IPTV viewing. Paul Fellows, CTO Amino, said, “While Amino continues to support the leading IPTV user interface software from other suppliers, the Firefox browser will offer our customers a means of providing essential IPTV navigation at zero cost.”

“This additional IPTV browser option should achieve the same goals we are striving for in the Internet space; choice and flexibility for customers, in this case the IPTV service providers,” added Fellows.

• Video/Imaging DesignLine recently reported on the launch of Democracy, an open source, ad-free and spyware-free media player system, from some of the same crew who brought you the Firefox browser.

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