Amino to work with Chinese developer -

Amino to work with Chinese developer


LONDON — Amino Technologies plc has signed a memorandum of understanding with USEE Digital Technology Co. Ltd. covering the purchase and development of IPTV set top boxes.

Amino (Cambrdige, England) and USEE (Chengdu, People's Republic of China) plan to collaborate in the development, production, marketing and sales to provide broadband network added value services within the PRC.

Initial orders have been received from USEE for 10,000 IP multimedia terminal devices (set-top boxes) for delivery in early 2007 and Amino expect significant additional orders for delivery during 2007 are expected. These orders will start to contribute to revenue and profit in Amino's 2007 financial year.

Amino and USEE will also co-develop additional products incorporating Amino's IntAct software stack in order to provide applications such as advanced audio and video standard (AVS) codec technology, video telephone application (VTA), VoIP, gaming, etc. The AVS codec technology will be developed by Amino using software codec expertise gained from the acquisition of SJ Consulting last January.

USEE is based at the Chengdu High-Tech Technology Development District and focuses on development, production, sales and marketing of broadband multimedia terminal devices.

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