Amplicon adds Embedded Planet range -

Amplicon adds Embedded Planet range


BRIGHTON, England — Amplicon has formed a partnership with US based Embedded Planet to expand its embedded product line.

Matt Hoover, VP Sales & marketing at Embedded Planet, said, “We approached Amplicon to help us market our designs and services in the UK because we were particularly impressed with their knowledge of Industrial Communications and Data Acquisition products, which integrate very well with our designs. We are looking forward to working together.”

Jon Hutson, Amplicon's professional computing product manager added, “We are very excited about the new markets this opportunity will open up to us. The integration of the Power PC embedded products will fit nicely into the advice we offer for network applications, and fill a gap where we feel we can offer customers a better choice.”

Embedded Planet available from Amplicon include 32 bit Power PC, Xscale and MIPS based single board computers and development kits, supported with Embedded Linux, Wind River VxWorks, QNX, Green Hills, MQX and Timesys Linux software packages. It aims to provide a platform of software and hardware components that work together, helping end users to get to market faster with the most reliable and optimised network solution.

The company’s PlanetCore suite of utilities are designed to support SBC's through to development platforms. It comprises of three independent parts: the application boot loader, a host based flash burner for loading applications in Flash, and drivers, diagnostics and utilities.

The boot loader has a very small memory footprint allowing it to boot rapidly, may optionally test the RAM memory, and can cope with robust serial and Ethernet communications and data transfers.

The Flash Burner is able to erase and programs Flash memory in one stage. The image is loaded by the boot loader or by the use of a debugger for programming Flash memory, and multiple sections can be programmed in a single file. The Diagnostics and utilities reside in Flash and provide testing of onboard and add on I/O.

Design Kits enable end users to rapidly develop products include Complete OrCAD Schematic database, BOM, VHDL Code and source code for PlanetCore.

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