Amplicon adds German CAN line -

Amplicon adds German CAN line

Brighton, UK — CAN based products manufactured by RM Michaelides of Germany are now available in the UK through Amplicon Liveline.

RM was set up in 1987 and its range includes Wireless CAN interfaces, gateway products, CAN data loggers, intelligent displays and I/O interfaces. Of particular interest to the telematics market are fleet management products, including an innovative CAN+GPS to GPRS solution.

Robert Michaelides, CEO of RM, said “Amplicon have the right channels to market thanks to their bi-annual catalogue, extensive advertising, technical sales team and high industry profile which will undoubtedly provide fast penetration of the UK market”.

David Evans, product manager for Data Communication products at Amplicon commented, “What has impressed us most about RM, is their design and manufacturing capability, quality and wealth of technical know-how. Their proven experience in providing innovative project-based solutions also makes very impressive reading.”

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