Amplicon expands EMC test capability -

Amplicon expands EMC test capability


LONDON — Amplicon has invested in expanding its EMC test facility which was set up over 10 years ago and is now being used for functions not previously envisaged.

Improvements include increasing the RF field immunity up to 3GHz with a 20 V/m field, allowing Amplicon to meet the requirements of customers selling into the rail industry, together with the capacity to over-test standard industrial products destined for more demanding environments.

The most complex enhancement was to provide the ability to measure up to an 18GHz radiated electric field. The semi-anechoic chamber was fitted with high frequency absorption panels, overlaying the existing ferrite tiles, and a state-of-the-art CISPR 16-1 compliant scanning receiver, horn aerial and cable upgrade completed the capability to provide this measurement capability.

Although the facility is pre-compliance, Amplicon firmly believes in the ethos of over-testing to best achieve conformance, so all new equipment also had to meet this requirement, whilst offering a high degree of future proofing.

Amplicon’s engineers have completed the commissioning and validating the test results from the upgrades, with initial testing looking at results from equipment analysed by a Notified Body, and comparing them with the use of calibrated high frequency reference noise sources. Ongoing use of the facility will allow the company to build up historic data, providing further substantiation for customers.

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