Amplicon gains exclusivity for Mobility PCI interfaces -

Amplicon gains exclusivity for Mobility PCI interfaces


LONDON — A deal has given Amplicon exclusive U.K. distributor rights for Mobility Electronics’ range of Magma-branded products which are designed to enable multiple PCI peripheral cards to be interfaced to desktops, laptops or VME single board computers.

“Our promotion to sole U.K. distributor is a huge step forward for Amplicon and we are delighted to play a major part in supplying the Magma solution capability in the U.K. The recognition by Mobility Electronics reinforces our position as a market leader in sourcing and supplying innovative industrial computing solutions, as well as our high standards of service and customer care,” commented Gina Citroni, Commercial Director for Amplicon (Brighton, England).

Mobility Electronics (Scottsdale, Arizona) is a provider of PCI expansion systems, which address physical slot number restrictions in notebooks, desktops and servers. Most commonly used physical interfaces are provided, including PCI expansion for PCI, PCI Express, ExpressCard/54, PCMCIA Cardbus and PMC. An additional option of a board set for expansion within a chassis for OEM developers is also available.

A more recent iteration of the PCMCIA standard, ExpressCard, can accommodate modules designed to use either USB 2.0, or PCI Express standards. The Magma range features modules with options to add 1, 2 or 4 PCI slots for each ExpressCard slot.

Desktop computers are often available with only single or dual PCI slots, but complete systems may require several more PCI peripherals than the internal PCI slots can provide. The Magma range is designed to provide a solution in the form of 4, 7 or 13 slot PCI to PCI expansion systems, which are more than sufficient for the largest of connectivity requirements.

Most new PCs feature PCI Express slots, which are backward compatible with the PCI standard, but with a much higher data throughput to the microprocessor. This means that a single PCI Express slot can support several PCI expansion cards at full PCI bus speeds. To make full use of this, the Magma range offers a 6 PCI to PCI Express adapter.

Designed for use with VME single board computers, Mobility Electronics’ PMC modules provide connection and control to 7 PCI devices. The PMC bus is based on the PCI standard with environmental and physical changes.

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