Amplicon: performance, fast graphics and media processing in a small compact design -

Amplicon: performance, fast graphics and media processing in a small compact design


Amplicon has introduced the new Impact-D 100AL – their first ever DIN Rail PC to feature Intel ATOM processors. The new system comes equipped with an extensive range of I/O ports offering maximum flexibility as well as impressive graphics capabilities.

The Impact-D 100AL is powered by the new Intel ATOM Apollo Lake processors, offering exceptional performance, extensive expansion and unrivalled availability with an operational lifecycle of 15 years, all within a compact and reliable design. Designed to outperform in the most demanding environments, the Impact-D 100AL utilises a compact fanless design, protecting against dust and particles commonly found in manufacturing facilities. In addition, the new unit offers an impressive standard operating temperature of -20 to 70°C, with options for -40 to 80°C, making it ideal for outdoor operations such as Transport and CCTV surveillance.

The Apollo Lake processors provide 4K immersive graphics and fast video acceleration, making the Impact-D 100AL an exceptional solution for the most demanding media output tasks including in-vehicle usage or on-board entertainment. The Impact-D 100AL also offers users a wide range of I/O, with additional Digital I/O on the front panel for more complex procedures, such as industrial automation. Furthermore, the Impact-D 100AL provides cellular and Wi-Fi capabilities for applications requiring offsite connectivity or remote operation.

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