ams: module accelerates development of ultrasonic water meters -

ams: module accelerates development of ultrasonic water meters


To meet the growing demand for ultrasonic water meters in the European market, ams announced the availability of a new module which provides a complete hardware and software blueprint for an ultrasonic flow sensor, the key element of the next generation of long-life, low-power water meters.

The adoption of ultrasonic water meters in the European market is expected to accelerate rapidly in the next three years, as they offer a longer operating lifetime and higher reliability than conventional mechanical water meters, while consuming less power and measuring slowly flowing water as much as ten times more accurately.

The module, the IA-UWM-2-GP30-DN20 from Chinese metering equipment manufacturer iESLab, is based on the ams TDC-GP30 ultrasonic flow sensor chip. The TDC-GP30 performs precise timing measurements and calculates accurate flow measurements based on the transmission time of ultrasonic signals in moving water.

The IA-UWM-2-GP30-DN20 ultrasonic flow sensor unit is comprised of ultrasonic transducers and a spool piece assembled alongside a TDC-GP30 in a robust enclosure. The release of the module provides meter manufacturers with a ready-made, calibrated ultrasonic sensing unit which offers proven flow measurement performance, saving them from developing their own ultrasonic sensor technology and reducing the time to market for new ultrasonic water meter products.

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