ams to light up Sensors Expo 2019 with innovative demonstrations -

ams to light up Sensors Expo 2019 with innovative demonstrations


ams will showcase innovative optical sensing technologies which are transforming personal health monitoring, the mobile phone, automotive evolution, and smart agri-culture at the Sensors Expo 2019. The company will also lead two Sensors Expo conference sessions.

Breakthroughs from ams, such as the development of nanoscale optical filters and new miniature power laser emitters, are creating new markets and opening up fresh opportunities to deploy optical sensors across the automotive, medical, consumer and industrial sectors.

The exciting optical sensor demonstrations on hand at Sensors Expo include highly advanced 3D sensor technology for smartphones, computing, automotive and robotics; medical-grade wearable devices that monitor blood pressure; and spectral sensors for maximizing yields in smart horticulture. Sensors Expo visitors can also discover how ams is advancing spectral sensing technology for tomorrow’s industrial and consumer applications: from water monitoring, to control washing machine cycles, to advanced analysis of materials using infrared light. 

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