An Android/OSGi-based vehicular network management system -

An Android/OSGi-based vehicular network management system


With the enormous market potential of the telematics industry and the rapid development of information technology, automotive telematics has attracted considerable attention for mobile computing and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITSs). However, as a result of varied platform standards, not all telematics services can be used in telematics terminals.

The main issues are that most telematics technologies depend on vertical, proprietary, and closed Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) platforms. These platforms form islands of non-interoperable technology and prevent third-party service providers from creating valuable services.

This study integrates the Open Gateway Service Initiative Vehicle Expert Group (OSGi/VEG) into an Android platform to generate a vehicular Android/OSGi platform that has the advantages of both original platforms. These features include remote management, rich class-sharing, proprietary vehicular applications, security policies, easy management of Application Programming Interface (APIs), and an open environment.

This study also integrates a cloud computing mechanism into the Android/OSGi platform, allowing service providers to upload their telematics bundles onto storage clouds using a provisioning server.

A management agent in the Android/OSGi platform can simultaneously update its application service modules using remote storage clouds and use visual intelligence to continually change the distinguishing features of applications based on context-awareness without user intervention.

To assess the feasibility of the proposed Android/OSGi platform, this study presents a vehicular testbed to determine the functionalities of different telematics applications focusing on Android/OSGi platform applications which require less memory and system resources than those on the original Android platform when performing complicated operations.

Additionally, the Android/OSGi platform launches telematics services more quickly than the original Android platform. The proposed platform overcomes the problem of frequent non-responsive exceptions in the original Android platform.

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