An efficient home energy management system using ZigBee

In “More efficient home energy management system based on ZigBee communication and infrared remote controls,” Jinsoo Han, Chang-Sic Choi, and Ilwoo Lee describe a home energy management system to reduce power consumption. It makes use of automatic standby power cut-off outlets, a light, and a ZigBee hub.

The ZigBee hub has an IR code learning function and educates the IR remote control signal of a home device connected to the power outlet. Then the power outlets and the light in the room can be controlled with an IR remote control.

A typical automatic standby power cut-off outlet has a waiting time before cutting off the electric power. It consumes standby power during that time. To eliminate the waiting time, they turn off the home device and the power outlet simultaneously with an IR remote control through the ZigBee hub.

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