An embedded tool? We report, you decide -

An embedded tool? We report, you decide


Arlington, Mass.—While a Web conferencing tool may not fall into your conventional notion of an embedded tool, at some point someone will need to sell your product. That's where a screen sharing service called Glance 2.0 comes into play. This latest version adds full 24-bit color, faster screen updates, and easy integration into customer Web sites.

Billed as a dependable and easy-to-use sales tool for hosting Web demonstrations and presentations, Glance lets participants connect instantly to most PC, Macintosh, and Linux computers without downloading or installing software.

The main appeal of Glance is said to be the simplicity of its one-button-menu and, therefore, its easy, reliable operation. Free of elaborate and confusing features that can stymie a sales presentation, Glance can also be used to host live Web demonstrations, customer training, technical support, and reviews of spreadsheets and other documents. In addition, up to 15 guests can join a conference free of charge.

Glance 2.0 comes in two versions, Glance Personal for individuals and Glance Corporate for organizations, and is available for purchase now at Monthly subscriptions are $49.95 for Glance Personal and $119 for Glance Corporate. Annual subscriptions include two free months and volume discounts are available.

Glance Networks , 1-781-646-8505.,

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