An offshore perspective -

An offshore perspective

I am writing in response to Michael Barr's May 2003 editorial, “Distributed Development,” on the changes that have been brought about by outsourcing. I am presently living in Bangalore, India, working for Cisco Systems. I used to work for an electrical engineering company; the job was stable but not very interesting. At Cisco, I've shifted to embedded systems and software development and this has really changed me completely. Change is so constant now that I need to learn new technologies almost on a daily basis. Also, my lifestyle has changed. I now own a car and a house. This was not possible even after six years in my previous job.

I know that outsourcing has created a lot of changes in the marketplace. Personally, I feel bad about the loss of jobs for my fellow engineers in the U.S.. I feel that business in the U.S. must go to the next level. They must innovate and evolve the product development process. And who knows? There might be a new invention like the microcontroller that spawns a new industry, giving rise to millions of new jobs.

Manohar Bangera
Cisco Systems

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