Analog Devices Launches ‘ADI University Program Design Contest’ -

Analog Devices Launches ‘ADI University Program Design Contest’

Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI ) has  issued a call for entries for the first annual ADI University Program Design Contest, which is open to college and university engineering students and professors worldwide.

The contest  is part of the Analog Devices University Program, the goal of which is to enhance engineering students’ educational experience by helping them to quickly and easily build and test real-world, functional analog circuits.

The winning design entrant will be invited to introduce the project at ADI’s General Technology Conference to be held in Boston, Mass., April 9, 2013.

The ADI University Program Design Contest is open to engineering students and professors at technical schools, colleges, universities or other accredited educational institutions.

The contest offers two tracks: Design Contest in which entrants submit a design project proposal that incorporates ADI hardware, with the winner receiving an invitation to present to ADI Fellows and industry experts during GTC; and Lab/Learning Academic Contest in which contestants develop educational material that is suitable for use by students in their first- and second-year circuits and electronics programs.

In both cases, cash prizes will be awarded to the winners, who will be determined by a panel of senior engineers from Analog Devices.

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