Analog Editor's Note -

Analog Editor’s Note

First of all : Check out the Design Article by Silicon Labs presenting the factors which affect phase-lock loop jitter and the interaction between them.

In a second Design Article , Analog Devices outlines the latest advancements in the design of Modern Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanners. Here, the author notably indicates that traditional systems have typically involved down-conversion in the analog domain to a low intermediate frequency prior to conversion to the digital domain for further processing.

On the news front: All eyes are on Microsemi Corp. after the analog and mixed-signal chip maker entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Actel Corp. for $20.88 per share through a cash tender offer.

Of course, it is too early to evaluate the competitive impact of the transaction. A key element, however, is that Microsemi is willing to trim some “non-productive” Actel product offerings aimed at commercial markets where Actel lags behind programmable logic market leaders Xilinx Inc. and Altera Corp.

Also, James Peterson, Microsemi's president and CEO, said Microsemi is buying Actel for its strength in military, aerospace and industrial end markets, which account for some three quarters of Actel's sales. He called Actel the “perfect acquisition for Microsemi,” based on Actel's history in these markets and a customer overlap of about 80 percent between the two companies.

You sure have an opinion on this. I invite you to share your thoughts here .

Bill Schweber, Planet Analog Editor

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