Analog ICs feature transmitter, regulator, controller -

Analog ICs feature transmitter, regulator, controller

General-purpose analog solutions are still a pretty big market at $20.3B, with a growth rate of 5.1%. Such solution ICs are needed in security classification, on-device AI, portable IoT, clinical/assisted medical, retail and commerce, smart homes, and eMobility.

The MAX41464 sub-1GHz ISM band wireless transmitter with frequency hopping uses a frequency-shift keying (FSK) transmitter for long-range wireless sensors and has the industry’s highest level of output power at +16dBm. 

MAX41464 in a 300 to 960 MHz (G)FSK transmitter application with I2C interface (Image courtesy of Maxim Integrated)

The MAX38888 backup power regulator is the first member of the Continua family of backup power management regulators. The IC is capable of charging/discharging a backup supercapacitor or capacitor bank to deliver continuous power to critical systems when the main power is off. It also has the industry’s highest efficiency at 95%. This part is an excellent solution for portable applications. 

The MAX16141 36V ORing FET controller has a voltage and current circuit breaker on board. It monitors over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, reverse-current, and over-temperature faults in automotive power designs for infotainment and ADAS. It also has the industry’s best 0.3 µs response. 

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