Analog's new Blackfin DSPs target power sensitive sensor apps -

Analog’s new Blackfin DSPs target power sensitive sensor apps

Anticipating that the next wave of sensors for both mobile devices and a varienty of wirless sensor networks will move beyond traditional accelerometers, magnetometers, and gyroscopes to include end devices such as poximity sensors, gesture-detection sensors, environmental sensors Analog Devices has just introduced its ADSP-BF70x family of high-performance Blackfin DSPs.

The devices come with up to 1 MB of internal SRAM, which eliminates the need for external memory in many cases. (An optional DDR memory interface is available on some devices.) The ADSP-BF70x family offers up to 800 MMACS of processing power at less than 100 mW, which Andy Lanfear, product marketing manager, Analog to be double the performance or half the power of competing devices.

Because target markets are sensor applications in a range of networked environments, he said the ADSP-BF70x devices include array of advanced connectivity options (including USB, SDIO, CAN, ePPI, SPORT, QuadSPI).

Because many of these untethered applications are powered by batteries or one of a vareity of energy harvesting tools, the new devices are designed for low power, ultra-low-power, delivering up to 400 MHz with single-cycle, dual-16-bit, 32-bit and complex fixed-point math capability on a 95-mW core power budget.”

The ADSP-B70x is supported by ADI’s Crosscore Embedded Studio integrated development environment (IDE) . Also available are the ADSP-BF707 EZ-KIT-Lite development board and new ICE-1000/2000 emulators. New debug features have also been added for the ADSP-BF70x for program trace, system trace, and cross-trigger channel control via the ARM CoreSight serial wire debug protocol. .

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