Analyzer bits ensure communication between digital cameras, devices -

Analyzer bits ensure communication between digital cameras, devices


Burlingame, Calif.—Imaging and connectivity technology vendor FotoNation, Inc . is rolling out its PTP-IP Analyzer software. Running under Windows , PTP-IP Analyzer tests and analyzes firmware in digital imaging devices.

FotoNation is the developer of the PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol) standard. The company also spearheads the CIPA (Camera & Imaging Products Association) in the standardization of PTP-IP. The company's clients include the likes of Microsoft, AOL, Sanyo, Kodak, Nikon, Pentax, Hewlett-Packard , and Sony .

Click here for more information on the CIPA standardization of PTP-IP.

PTP and PictBridge (camera-to-printer connectivity) can transfer images and digital media content across TCP/IP (Internet Protocol) and WiFi networks. PTP-IP (CIPA-005/2005 ) is copyrighted by FotoNation but is available for all companies. Products complying to the PTP-IP standard were introduced in October of 2005.

PTP-IP Analyzer software ensures that embedded firmware is totally ready for market and operates in complete conformity to CIPA PTP-IP. The tests work for digital cameras to devices such as TVs, PCs, mobile phones, printers, in-store kiosks, and other cameras.

Verification is carried out automatically, flagging any deviations from the standard. That's important, as the success of a new digital imaging product can be dependent on the reputation it earns for performance and reliability under exacting conditions of real-world usage.

The FotoNation PTP-IP Analyzer avoids this by complying to the PTP-IP standard. PTP is an internationally published standard (ISO-15740 ) designed and refined as part of the electronic photography group (WG-18 ) of the photography technical committee (TC-42 ) of the ISO (International Standards Organization).

Logging And Debugging

In use, PTP-IP Analyzer software captures the PTP-IP traffic between Initiator and Responder imaging devices for logging, analysis, and debugging. The system displays captured traffic as decoded packets in an easy-to-read format, and can simulate an Initiator and play back scripts to a Responder. The software can also log PTP-IP traffic to your PC’s disk for subsequent analysis.

Wireless Connectivity

With PTP-IP, usage isn't limited to direct connections between a digital camera and a computer or a printer. Applications to multiple devices connected on a network are also expected. Adopting the PTP-IP standard will permit companies to promote new applications of digital cameras and other digital imaging devices.

FotoNation says its PTP-IP Analyzer is available immediately for about $25,000.

Click here to read a white paper describing the FotoNation PTP-IP Analyzer in more detail (and scroll down to access).

For more details contact company CEO Eran Steinberg at FotoNation, 500 Airport Blvd, Suite 443, Burlingame, Calif. 94010. Phone: 650-558-8814. Fax: 415-651-9324. E-mail:

FotoNation , 650-558-8814,

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