Anastasi wins U.K. manufacturing award -

Anastasi wins U.K. manufacturing award

LONDON — Peter Anastasi of Silson Ltd has received the JEMI U.K. award for his 'outstanding contribution' to U.K. high-technology manufacturing.

The award was presented by Iain Hyslop, Chairman of JEMI U.K. Ltd, which represents the interests of manufacturers and suppliers of equipment, materials and services for semiconductor production across the UK and Ireland.

“Silson Ltd is one of the leading lights in the U.K. semiconductor industry and we are delighted to present this award in acknowledgement of his outstanding contribution to high-technology manufacturing,” said Hyslop.

Silson (Blisworth, England) was formed in 1994 and supplies ultra-thin membranes and related lithographic products to companies, universities and Government Research Laboratories throughout the world. With a full range of in-house fabrication techniques including: vacuum deposition; reactive ion etching; sub-micron lithography; gold electroplating and wet chemical etching, Silson is also to provide a MEMS prototyping service within its own clean room facility.

Iain Hyslop, (right) Chairman of JEMI U.K. Ltd congratulates Peter Anastasi of Silson Ltd, the JEMI U.K. award winner 2006.

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