Android OS gains Atmel SAM9 support -

Android OS gains Atmel SAM9 support

At Computex in Taipei, Atmel Corp. has revealed that its SAM9G45 and SAM9M10 ARM-based products are to support the Android operating system for applications in consumer, industrial and computing markets.

The ARM926 processor-based microcontrollers are now compatible with Android, with full board support package for the Android OS using SAM9M10-G45-EK boards.

The Atmel Android port is based on version 2.1 and supports a camera interface, hardware video decoding (for the SAM9M10 only), software decoding, web browsing via an Ethernet cable or a Wi-Fi SDIO dongle from Atmel partner H&D Wireless.

Atmel is collaborating with a number of companies such as Mentor Graphics to provide designers with the option to use a ready-to-use user interface graphical user interface for embedded applications in vertical markets.

Phil Burr, director of UI product marketing, Mentor Graphics Embedded Software Division said, “We are working closely with Atmel to ensure embedded developers can quickly pull up our Inflexion UI tool to create rich UIs and get the most out of their hardware design using the easy-to-use, drag-and-drop Inflexion UI tool.”

The SAM9M10 and SAM9G45 microcontrollers include a 400 MHz ARM926-based microprocessor that integrates twin parallel external bus interfaces to support dual data rate DRAM at 133 MHz. It also integrates high-speed (480 Mbps) USB Host and device ports with on-chip transceivers, Ethernet MAC, two interfaces for MMC 4.3 and SDIO/SD Card 2.0, as well as an LCD controller with touch screen support, and CMOS camera and audio interfaces.

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