Android port illustrates advantages of model-driven design environment -

Android port illustrates advantages of model-driven design environment


NUREMBERG, Germany – At Embedded World Verum Software Technologies B.V. had a demo which showed how its ASD:Suite, a model-driven design environment based upon Verum’s patented Analytical Software Design (ASD) technology, had been ported to run on an Android phone.

The latest release of ASD:Suite was shown to resellers of software design automation at Embedded World 2011. ASD:Suite gives software designers the power to produce error-free software in less time, with more precision, and at lower cost.

With Release 3, ASD:Suite is further extended into a general-purpose design environment with a simplified user interface and a new feature called Visual Verification, which gives designers a clear, graphical indication of all design defects, allowing them to be easily eliminated before generating a single line of code.

Verum’s ASD technology provides a fully automated formal verification engine provides software designers with an easy way to eliminate errors from complex software designs. Also, automatic code generation provides the means to turn a verified design into working, defect-free software. Verum says companies such as Philips Health Care and Ericsson have achieved cost savings of up to 30 percent with equivalent improvement in productivity using the ASD:Suite.

Rob Howe, CEO of Verum, describes the demo of a semiconductor wafer sorting machine runs and how the port was made.

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