Android Things 1.0 arrives for consumer IoT devices -

Android Things 1.0 arrives for consumer IoT devices


The search-and-cloud giant has finally released Android Things 1.0, the first stable platform release of its operating system for consumer IoT devices.

Android Things joins the other versions of the mobile operating system such as Android wear, Android Auto (for connected cars), and Android TV.

“Android Things is Google's managed OS that enables you to build and maintain Internet of Things devices at scale,” says Dave Smith, Google’s Developer Advocate for IoT. “We provide a robust platform that does the heavy lifting with certified hardware, rich developer APIs, and secure managed software updates using Google's back-end infrastructure, so you can focus on building your product.”

The new OS includes direct support to a handful of System-on-Modules (SoMs) from NXP, Qualcomm, and MediaTek:
• NXP i.MX8M
• Qualcomm SDA212
• Qualcomm SDA624
• MediaTek MT8516

Additionally, Android Things 1.0 includes development tools for prototyping, using the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B and NXP i.MX7D platforms.

To start creating a new product Google suggests starting with a development kit. The company recommends both the NXP and Raspberry Pi systems, which include the SoM, carrier board, and peripherals.

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