Anecdotally speaking -

Anecdotally speaking

Embedded Systems Programming 's subscribers are a loyal bunch. As the magazine prepares to celebrate its 15th anniversary, editor-in-chief Michael Barr, asks subscribers to share their stories about how the magazine has been part of their lives.

The subscribers to Embedded Systems Programming are among the most loyal subscribers to any trade journal. Quite a few have been with us right from the start, way back in 1988. I regularly hear from folks who are missing one issue from their archive and begging for an extra copy to complete the set. Others write to tell me how much they value the magazine's unbiased take on the industry and how-to editorial content.

The 2001 Adams Study (the most recent edition) bears out the loyalty of our readers. This independent survey has concluded that Embedded Systems Programming has the highest rating for job usefulness of any of the 18 industry publications analyzed.

I myself have been a reader of Embedded Systems Programming for much longer than I have been an editor. When I was a full-time engineer I valued my subscription to the magazine so much that I fretted it wouldn't follow me when I moved from one job to another. I can actually still remember the long initial wait for my subscription to start, during which time I borrowed each issue from the same co-worker who had introduced me to the magazine.

Around the time my wife and I got married, we were at a party with several other newlywed friends. Someone had a copy of the Newlywed Game and we played a few rounds. I'll never forget one of the questions asked nor the answers given in response. The question was: “Ladies, what is the most decidely non-sexy magazine you've ever caught your husband reading in bed?” Of the four couples playing the game, three of the wives (including mine) answered Embedded Systems Programming ! (The fourth guy was a lawyer.)

That's my story.

As the magazine's fifteenth anniversary approaches (we're planning to celebrate big in the November issue), we'd like to collect some of your stories, as well. How has Embedded Systems Programming been a part of your career? Has it ever given you the solution you needed right when you needed it? Has it ever saved your butt on the job? Do you still have every issue? Tell us your story and you could win a free copy of our CD-ROM archive. We plan to publish the best stories in the magazine and on

During my tenure as editor-in-chief, my constant goal has been to keep the editorial as independent and useful as it was back when I was just a reader. That alone is a lofty goal—and a constant challenge. I hope you think I've accomplished it. All of us on the staff value our loyal subscribers and look forward to serving the embedded systems design community for at least another 15 years.

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