Anglo-American JV boosts plastics recycling -

Anglo-American JV boosts plastics recycling


LONDON — European Metal Recycling Limited (Warrington, England) and MBA Polymers, Inc. (Richmond, Calif.) have set up a joint venture company (JV) to build and operate a plastics recycling facility in the U.K. The joint venture plans to begin operation of a 60,000 ton per year processing plant by early 2009.

MBA Polymers UK is majority owned by MBA Polymers and will recover plastics from upgraded 'shredder residue', a complex plastics-rich mixture of materials resulting from the recycling of automobiles, appliances and other metal-rich streams.

It is estimated that over 10 million tons of plastics from automobiles, electronics, appliances and other end-of-life durable goods are disposed of each year around the world. These plastics are commonly land-filled or incinerated at high economic and environmental costs because they have been deemed too complicated or expensive to recover.

EMR is concentrating the plastics fraction of the shredder residue produced from its large-scale metal recycling operations. This additional processing will also allow EMR to capture a higher percentage of the metals.

The JV will receive concentrated plastics-rich material from EMR’s facilities and will clean, sort and upgrade the plastics, and then sell the high quality plastics to MBA’s customers.

EMR recycles over 10 million tonnes a year of metal from consumers, industry and demolition works. It produces over 100 grades of recycled products It has had an average annual compounded sales growth of 20 percent over the last 10 years with turnover topping £1.7 billion (about $3.4billion) in the financial year to December 2006.

MBA Polymers recycles high-value plastics from complex waste streams and end-of-life durable goods such as appliances, computer and business equipment, automobiles, and sporting equipment. It designed, built and now operates the two most advanced plastics recycling facilities in the world: one in Guangzhou, China and the other in Kematen, Austria.

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