Another £100million released for UK research -

Another £100million released for UK research

LONDON — A £100 million for the next round of the Technology Programme has been made available and Science and Innovation Minister, Lord Sainsbury, has urged UK firms and research communities to get ready to apply for the latest competition of funding from the DTI's £320 million Technology Programme. This enables businesses to take new ideas off the drawing board and into the marketplace.

A new feature of the Technology Programme will be £30 million specifically targeted to create demonstrators of next generation technologies in industries like aerospace and automotive. Tackling issues like climate change is also at the forefront, with zero emission enterprises and emerging energy technologies highlighted as priority areas.

Lord Sainsbury said, “This £100 million investment gives vital support to groups of innovative businesses and research organisations taking forward emerging technologies that will create competitive advantage and benefit a number of companies and sectors.”

The £100 million of funding will be available for companies to carry out Collaborative Research and Development in eight high-priority technology areas. These include advanced materials that are reliable and effective under severe operational conditions, such as aggressive or safety critical environments and the direct writing technology which is used in manufacturing to produce or deposit materials on complex two or three-dimensional structures.

Validation of complex systems is also being targeted and aims to maximise the exploitation of complex assembly systems, especially useful in sectors such as automotive, aerospace and energy.

The competition opens on Monday 25 April and the deadline for submitting applications is Monday 13 June 2005.

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