Anritsu adds WiMAX options to portable analyzer -

Anritsu adds WiMAX options to portable analyzer


Three WiMAX options have been added for Anritsu's LMR Master S412E that expand the digital modulation analysis capabilities of the handheld analyzer with the addition of fixed WiMAX and mobile WiMAX capabilities.

The WiMAX test capability provides field engineers, technicians and contractors responsible for public safety networks with a method for conducting RF, demodulation, and over-the-air (OTA) measurements on WiMAX signals.

The WiMAX RF Measurements option can be used to measure the transmitted signal strength and signal shape of a transmitter. When configured with the RF Measurement option, the LMR Master S412E can conduct channel spectrum, power versus time (with 5 ms and 10 ms frame lengths), and ACPR measurements. RF summary screens can also be displayed with the option.

Engineers, technicians, and contractors can use the WiMAX Demodulation option to analyze OFDMA signals and display detailed measurements, for evaluating transmitter modulation performance. The measurement screens that can be displayed are constellation (QPSK, 16 QAM, 64 QAM), spectral flatness, EVM versus subcarrier, EVM versus symbol, DL MAP with automatic decoding, and modulation summary.

For both Fixed and Mobile WiMAX signals, Anritsu offers the OTA measurement option. With these options installed in the LMR Master S412E, users can make OTA measurements to spot-check a transmitter’s coverage and signal quality without taking the site off-line.

The LMR Master S412E a battery-powered P25 test solution which provides cable and transmission measurements, a spectrum and interference analyzer, and P25/NXDN/DMR EVM and BER measurements at -115 dBm signal levels. It povides extensive P25/NXDN/DMR test capability, including analysis of uplink and downlink control channel traffic and BER/EVM coverage mapping.

It can test emerging 700 MHz narrowband and broadband digital public safety systems, the LMR Master S412E significantly reduces the number of tools field technicians and engineers need, thereby saving time and money while ensuring accuracy.

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