ANSYS: Discovery Live enables real-time digital exploration -

ANSYS: Discovery Live enables real-time digital exploration

ANSYS enables engineers to create smarter designs faster and more efficiently with the commercial release of ANSYS Discovery Live. Discovery Live will empower millions of engineers around the world to confidently simulate designs in real-time quickly and more economically.

Discovery Live is expanding Pervasive Engineering Simulation – empowering engineers to pose what-if questions upfront in the design process where most of the product costs are locked in, to rapidly explore thousands of design options and to receive immediate feedback. Discovery Live’s instant simulation tightly coupled with direct geometry modeling in a real-time and intuitive design environment delivers interactive exploration and rapid product innovation. Now, every engineer can immediately examine the impact of their design changes, instead of waiting weeks or months to set up, run and analyze prototypes.

ANSYS brings Discovery Live together with ANSYS AIM and ANSYS SpaceClaim into one product family geared toward design engineers. From rapid initial concept exploration and 3-D design to more detailed and comprehensive validation, the Discovery product family enables engineers at every stage.

Discovery Live is powered by NVIDIA graphics processing units (GPUs) and CUDA parallel computing that provide supercomputing capabilities to deliver results thousands of times faster than more traditional methods. The real-time design environment revolutionizes the way innovative products are designed and created. Through real-time digital exploration, Discovery Live provides cost and time savings because it eliminates costly physical prototyping during the development process. Engineers have the flexibility to experiment with and creatively solve design challenges without risking a product delay or setback.

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