AnXplorer analog and RF circuit optimization tool enhances yield -

AnXplorer analog and RF circuit optimization tool enhances yield

AnXplorer from AgO Inc is a new analog and RF circuits tool that, after a designer creates an unsized circuit, design variables, and objectives, generates an optimized, centered circuit that meets or exceeds the design objectives across all corners specified by the user, using a new multi-algorithmic optimization strategy aided by an expert system. By centering the design across all specified, process, temperature and voltage corners, AnXplorer achieves a robust design that enhances the yield and improves the probability of first-time silicon success.

AnXplorer fits into commonly used design toolsets by working with industry standard SPICE netlists and simulators, including Synopsys HSPICE, Cadence Spectre, Mentor Eldo and Legend Design Technology MSIM. It runs on Linux systems.

Hillol Sarkar, CEO of AgO Inc said “Europe has strong wireless communication and automotive semiconductor sectors requiring the most advanced tools for analog and RF circuit design. Analog circuits are responsible for 50 percent of all IC design respins; by automating the analog circuit optimization, AnXplorer can significantly improve the likelihood of first time silicon success.”

AnXplorer uses a novel optimization approach based on either simulation or equations. Many previous optimization tools have relied on gradient-based or convex optimization approaches that are not suitable for arbitrary functions with multiple local minima. AnXplorer's multi-algorithm strategy rigorously searches the design space, and can find a global optimum in the presence of local optima. Centering over all process, temperature and supply voltage corners improves yield.

Users can control the way optimization takes place by defining a hierarchy of design objectives. Unlike weighted-based handling of multiple objectives, the tool attempts to meet high priority objectives before optimizing lower priority ones. The design exploration database records all points during the optimization process, which enables designers to undertake what-if analysis or to trade off conflicting objectives if all objectives cannot realistically be met.

AgO will show AnXplorer at SAME 2010 in Sophia Antipolis, booth number Startup: 19. Dr Roddy Urquhart, European representative for AgO Inc, will speak at the Start-ups Panel on October 6, 2010: 13:30 – 15:00.

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