Aonix acquires Java technology from NewMonics -

Aonix acquires Java technology from NewMonics

SAN DIEGO, CA, PARIS, France — Aonix has announced the purchase of the PERC real-time Java platform and development tools from NewMonics, a Tucson, AZ-based company that specializes in mission-critical network infrastructure and telematics applications. The acquisition is intended to help further position Aonix as a multilanguage supplier of mission-critical embedded software solutions.

Aonix is a provider of software engineering development environments and focuses on safety- and mission-critical applications in avionics, space, defense, transportation, telecom, and automotive. Through the acquisition of the PERC platform, Aonix adds the Java language to its offerings, which presently center primarily on Ada but also encompass C and C++. The company sees a growing interest in real-time Java applications in its market.

Aonix is acquiring all of the software assets and intellectual property rights associated with the PERC platform. The PERC platform includes the PERC Java Virtual Machine, QuickPERC, ahead-of-time and just-in-time compilers, PERC Accelerator, a standard Java class files optimizer, ROMizer, a C-like pre-linked images producer, and PERCH, a C integration with Java applications tool.

The company says that PERC, the first Java offering to provide real-time control, complements the real-time software tools Aonix is building. Aonix plans to integrate hard real-time support into the PERC family, enabling it to meet the needs of hard real-time and safety-critical applications.

Aonix has incorporated all NewMonics' employees into its organization. NewMonics will transfer approximately 20 employees and three offices (Tucson, AZ; Lisle, IL; and Ames, IA) to Aonix.

Kelvin Nilsen has been appointed chief technology officer of Aonix. Nilsen formed NewMonics in 1996 to sell real-time Java technology into the embedded space. NewMonics has developed and sold the PERC platform and related development tools for complex embedded applications to the telecom and datacom, industrial automation, and telematics markets.

Aonix says that it will continue to sell PERC solutions to communications, industrial automation, and telematics markets and will also new opportunities with the military, aerospace, railway, automotive, and energy industries.

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