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Apacer launches Serial ATA flash drive tough environments

Apacer has developed a Serial ATA flash drive, the SAFD 254, for industrial and embedded applications. The drive employs reliable NAND SLC memory. Hence, read/write speed of up to 150/130 Mbytes/s are possible. Wear-leveling technology manages the uneven “wear” on the sectors of the flash memory by distributing the writes through whole sectors of the memory. In addition, the built-in S.M.A.R.T technology (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) provides users with an interface that allows instant display of key information including spare blocks and erase counts, which reduces the risk of sudden disk damage and proactively notify customers to backup their data. Also, the built-in low power detector initiates cached data saving before the device's power supply is too low.

The SAFD 254 comes with the company's Optimizer software that runs in the background to automatically perform error detection without affecting normal system operation. The 128-Gbyte extended temperature model is currently available in prototype form for $900. Large volumes should be available later in this quarter. For more information, go to www. apacer.com.

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