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Apacer unveils new industrial product identification

As the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and 5G technology gradually integrate, a new data economy ecosystem is taking shape. Dedicated to helping this vision take a practical form, Apacer, announced that it will launch the product identification “Apacer for Industrial” in 2019. Apacer’s industrial storage devices have the reliability, durability and value-adding features that IoT leaders demand. Customers come to Apacer when they want to maximize the value of their data while widening their share of the industrial market.

Unlike consumer-grade goods which value cost-effectiveness most, from product selection through production, testing and quality control, industrial-grade devices have extremely high standards for quality, reliability and stability. Over the past 20 years, Apacer has been recognized by many first-line customers as a capable and trustworthy supplier of industrial storage devices that meet these extremely high standards. In addition to strict control of the manufacturing process, Apacer is launching its new industrial product identification so that all industrial-grade items will be easy to spot at a glance. The Apacer for Industrial identification includes new product labels with QR codes and barcodes that meticulously record production information during the manufacturing process and provides exclusive product serial numbers, to fully implement the management and tracking procedures during production, shipping and after-sales service.

IDC predicts that 25% of global endpoint devices and systems will execute AI algorithms by 2022. With the increasing trend of intelligent industrial applications, the impact of the diversification of smart applications on the digital storage industry is not only limited to product planning, such as capacity and performance. Experts also predict that the industrial market will pivot from quantitative to qualitative, and the threshold for entry will increase substantially. Apacer will continue to develop storage and memory solutions that meet the needs of the new generation of smart applications in the future.

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