Application framework enhanced for networking equipment -

Application framework enhanced for networking equipment


Tempe, Ariz. — Enea Embedded Technology has announced for the networking equipment market a high-availability application framework that supports its OSE and other commercial real-time operating systems, as well as Linux.

Enea's latest middleware product is designed to enhance monitoring, fault detection, recovery, failover, load balancing, and management capabilities in high-availability infrastructure systems. To enhance fault detection and analysis, the middleware notifies the appropriate response agent and verifies completion.

“Our new middleware builds on [our] pedigree, providing a more highly integrated solution that makes it easier than ever for our customers to bring affordable, best-of-breed products to market in a timely fashion,” said Per Akerberg, president of Enea Embedded Technology, a subsidiary of Enea AB, Stockholm, Sweden.

The middleware periodically monitors the health of key system components and chronicles fault recovery to easily track fault-event sequences. In addition, it provides state aggregation facilities to monitor collective system readiness.

Other key features include precertification and verification for dynamic module loading; hot system upgrades for whole or partial systems; performance balance monitoring for efficient load distribution across multiple processors; and polyhedra database back-up for system crashes.

Enea's Application Framework and IPC mechanism is available immediately for Linux, OSE and other popular operating systems. With minimal software configuration , pricing starts at $450,000.

Enea Embedded Technology, 1-760-603-9315,

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