Applied Microsystems adds PowerTAP toolset for IBM 440GP -

Applied Microsystems adds PowerTAP toolset for IBM 440GP

Applied Microsystems' PowerTAP PowerPC-specific developer toolset is to support IBM 440GP microprocessor based systems.

PowerTAP for 440GP speeds the critical integration, emulation and test of complex low-level embedded software, and is targeted specifically on accelerating development for networking, storage, communications, Internet and embedded system development based on IBM's 440GP PowerPC architecture.

Integrating the deeply-embedded C/C++ symbolic debugger with a networked, high-speed in-circuit emulator (ICE), PowerTAP gives engineers working on PowerPC 440GP systems visibility into the processor's integrated registers, cache and MMU as well as crash-proof in-target control. PowerTAP has a user-friendly interface so developers can sort out logic and design flaws, peripheral configuration problems, cache configuration issues that affect performance, and setup problems with on- and off-chip peripherals.

The toolset provides crash-proof in-target control for debugging in cache, ROM and RAM and a system browser for visibility and documentation of peripheral configuration meanings and settings.

It provides L2/L3 cache support, Ethernet connectivity for remote access, comprehensive Flash programming support and a powerful scripting language.

The System Browser technology, introduced for the first time last October and proven in 405CR based system development, is seen as a factor in simplifying integration of not only on-chip but also off-chip custom and commercial off-the-shelf ASICs. System Browser technology provides access to the registers of all components on the board via an easy-to-use browser.

PowerTAP for 440GP users can also take advantage of Applied's NetROM and CodeTEST companion tools that complement the functionality of PowerTAP.

NetROM addresses the need for a networked tool that accelerates the 'debug cycle' by providing high-speed download of code images without consuming target resources. CodeTEST is focused on performance profiling, source-level execution tracing, memory leak analysis and in-depth code coverage.

Published in Embedded Systems (Europe) April 2002

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