Applying the interrupt features of a MEMS accelerometer -

Applying the interrupt features of a MEMS accelerometer


According to Jay Esfandyari, Gang Xu, Paolo Bendiscioli, of STMicro in “Applying the interrupt features of a MEMs accelerometer,” most of the latest 3-axis digital-MEMS accelerometers on the market can generate interrupts for a number of consumer, mobile and industrial applications.

Some of the applications—such as screen rotation, wakeup, freefall, single click and double click recognition—have been very popular and implemented in various devices.

A digital MEMS accelerometer usually has one or two interrupt-output pins available that can be interfaced with the I/O pins of an external host processor. The accelerometer can be configured to monitor acceleration or motion in the background while the host processor could perform other tasks or simply stay in low power sleep mode. When an interrupt is detected by the accelerometer, the host processor can then wake up to check whether the interrupt needs to be served or not.

This article describes some of the popular interrupt-based applications including data ready, freefall, wakeup, single and double click interrupts.

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