apraNET: 19“- plastic shelf, a lighter alternative for low weight system components

The snap-in 19“- shelf type „NETshelf“ by apraNET made of halogen-free plastic is used to carry system components such as routers, switches or other active network accessories, which are normally not designed for the installation into 19”- racks. Compared with conventional shelf racks made of steel, our „NETshelf“ is very compact  and its snap-in fixing enable quick, tool-free assembly into the 19”-mountings and is especially designed to hold network components with a low weight.

The NETshelf with its measurements 44 x 483 x 116 mm convinces with its flexible usability in all 19”-racks and cabinet systems. Its special design with the smooth-formed edges of the front side and the dark black colour looks professional appealing. The shelf is designed to be easily assembled or disassembled with one simple manual action. Only one 19”-level is needed for installation. The ventilation slots in the shelf allow passive cooling as well as easy fixing of the components by velcro tape.

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