Arbitrary/function generator offers higher performance with lower price -

Arbitrary/function generator offers higher performance with lower price


Tektronix' AFG3000 series of arbitrary/function generators consists of six models that combine ease-of-use with high performance. This is partly due to an architecture that's based on a generator-on-a-chip (GoC) ASIC. It's also got a straightforward user interface with a large display. The six models that comprise the AGF3000 series address the problem of having to test circuits with one or more signal inputs and sine waveforms at frequencies up to 240 MHz, generating arbitrary waveforms up to 2 Gsamples/s, and obtain up to 1 ppm clock stability.

The bundled ArbExpress 2.0 software package extends the ease of use to the creation and editing of arbitrary waveforms on a PC. It seamlessly translates oscilloscope data from all popular Tektronix oscilloscopes and also enables direct transfer of waveform data out of the MathWorks MatLab software that eliminates tedious conversion and modification. The software also allows the building of equations with ease, using interpreter-based logic and a wide range of functions. For more information, go to

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