ARC appoints Kemtron to supply magnetic and lossy foam absorbers -

ARC appoints Kemtron to supply magnetic and lossy foam absorbers

LONDON — ARC Technologies of Amesbury, Massachusetts has appointed Kemtron as the exclusive distributor of ARC magnetic and lossy foam absorbers for the UK.

The ARC magnetic absorber product line combines the energy absorption properties of iron with the high performance physical characteristics of flexible elastomer. Finely milled iron powders and specialized fillers are blended in exacting ratios with such substrate materials as silicone, urethane, nitrile or neoprene rubber to create flexible EMI absorption sheets with thickness ranging from 0.25 to 6.4mm.

Lossy foam from ARC is a family of low-density, high-loss flexible EMI absorbers designed to solve a wide range of interference control problems easily, quickly and cost-effectively. Using proven formulas, ARC Technologies combines refined carbon powders with binding agents. The absorbent mixture is then precisely integrated into an open cell, reticulated polyurethane foam structure.

By varying the thickness and loading, ARC magnetic absorbers can be frequency-tuned to the specific application. The materials are formulated to provide good attenuation and mode suppression at frequencies as low as 650MHz and as high as 40GHz. Many are rated UL94-V0 and are suitable for outdoor and harsh environmental applications. The carbon loaded foam absorbers can be used to suppress electromagnetic signals for a variety of applications including telecommunications, high-speed computer, wireless technologies and microwave systems. They provide broadband absorption characteristics from 100MHz to 40GHz. Standard thickness of these UL 94 HB-rated absorbers ranges from 3 to 51mm. Custom thickness to 152mm is available

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