ARC claims smallest, lowest power 32 bit licensable core -

ARC claims smallest, lowest power 32 bit licensable core


San Jose, Ca. – New from ARC International are its Energy Pro cores, a new family of licensable, 32-bit configurable cores utilizing the company's Energy PRO technology.

The 30 series incorporates a 32-bit CPU with caches, single cycle memoryand DSP extensions. The 20 series does not incorporate caches, and can bede-configured to create what ARC claims the smallest, lowest power 32-bitlicensable core on the market.

The company sais the Energy PRO cores use a holistic approach to power reduction that combines hardware and software techniques with a tool chain and libraries, including clock gating and dynamic voltage and frequency scaling under the control of a dedicated Power Management Unit.

Power control can also be extended to other functional blocks within the SoC.SoC designers can define multiple power management modes, even to the extent of shutting the core down when no threads are running.

Both cores can take advantage of ARC's optional advanced modules including ARC XY Advanced DSP, ARC FPX single and dual floating point extensions, and SmaRT real time trace. Energy PRO cores are fully configurable by licensees using ARChitect, ARC's processor configuration tool.

The new ARC Energy PRO cores are now available for licensing. To learn more, go to .

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