Arduino-compatible microcomputer speaks Bluetooth v4.0 -

Arduino-compatible microcomputer speaks Bluetooth v4.0


The RFduino from Nordic Semiconductor is an Arduino-compatible open-source microcomputer that can communicate wirelessly with any Bluetooth v4.0 compatible smartphone or tablet. The new microcomputer is based on an RFD51822 module with a Nordic nRF51822 SoC. The Nordic nRF51822 features a 32-bit ARM Cortex M0-based processor and is fully FCC and CE-compliant.

Application examples for which Open Source RF has already developed source code include wireless multi-color RGB LED lighting, iPhone controlled racing cars, temperature sensors, house plant watering sensors, proximity and motion sensors, relay switches, audio controls, robotics, theatrical props and special effects, sound, light or button-press detectors, and various home automation and control devices.

The RFduino can be powered by anything from household outlets down to a regular CR2032 coin cell (watch) battery. There are several open-source RFduino and iPhone apps which are free to use, extend, and share.

Accessory boards included in the launch are a USB power and programming board, RGB LED and push-button board, quad servo controller board, generic prototyping board, single AAA battery board, dual AAA battery board, and a CR2032 coin-cell battery board.

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  1. The RFduino is *not* a NordicSemi product as stated in your first sentence — it's the product (currently, a Kickstarter project) from an independent company.

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