Arduino - not just a toy -

Arduino – not just a toy

Hardware isn’t dead. Software did not take over all of US engineering. And not everything has been outsourced. That’s in part due to Arduino and other open-source maker and DIY platforms, or at least that was an argument made at ESC (Embedded Systems Conference) in Minneapolis this week.

“You are seeing more companies take this more seriously than something just for hobby,” said embedded systems designer Duane Benson, a participant in ESC’s Arduino Show & Tell session where such DIY projects were shared with event attendees and presenter of the “Arduino for Rapid Prototyping; It’s Not Just a Toy” session.

There was a good crowd on hand for Benson’s “Arduino for Rapid Prototyping; It’s Not Just a Toy” session.

Benson, and many of the more than 30 people who attended the ESC Arduino Meet-up, have been drawn to the platform for its low cost, easy IDE, and simple hardware—a perfect storm for easy adoption and engineering entry.

“That allowed a lot of newcomers in—just like the personal computer revolution in the 1970s,” Benson said during his presentation.

Minneapolis local Dan McCreary (center) shared his Arduino-based kits with ESC meet-up attendees. The engineer uses Arduino to introduce the basics of electronics through his work as a lead mentor for the CoderDojo Twin Cities organization.

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