Arduino SIM-only service targets IoT devices -

Arduino SIM-only service targets IoT devices

With a goal of creating the easiest means possible for cellular IoT device development on its widely used platform, Arduino announced the Arduino SIM. The SIM-only service targeting IoT devices provides cellular access to the Arduino IoT Cloud platform to more than 100 countries with one data plan at an affordable price.

Arduino’s plan is to provide cellular IoT access to professionals and makers, enabling them to initially connect to Arduino security-focused boards, beginning with the 32-bit MKR GSM 1400’s TLS and X.509 certificate-based authentication. It will also support the upcoming Arduino MKR NB 1500 (LTE Cat-M and NB-IoT) and open it to third-party cellular boards in the future.

Cellular service, provided by Arm Pelion Connectivity Management, ensures that one version of the Arduino SIM will now work in 100 countries worldwide, beginning in the U.S., with Europe and Asia to follow in a matter of months. Partnering with Arm Pelion Connectivity Management provides the basis of a solid foundation for users planning to scale to large numbers of devices in the future, said Arduino.

With the Arduino SIM, users can easily transmit sensor data to databases, spreadsheets, or alerts using Webhooks and also create custom IoT applications using the API. The secure connection is accomplished without coding.

Under the plan, Arduino’s SIM delivers 10 MB of data free to the user for up to 90 days, followed by a subscription at 5 MB monthly for a mere $1.50. The plan provides the same amount of data traffic for the same price wherever the device is being operated globally.

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