Are you ready for an Amazonian task? -

Are you ready for an Amazonian task?

Design engineers who use microcontrollers seem to love a competition or I hope they do because yet another one has appeared on the scene.

The STM32 Design Challenge is a six month contest and community sponsored by STMicroelectronics, and its partners ARM, Atollic, Digi-Key Corporation, IAR Systems and Keil.

Its admirable objective is to expand awareness of ST's 32-bit STM32 ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller family by fostering a social community where electronics engineering contestants can build, test, and display their designs.

I would also expect they want to sell a few more MCUs but not as many as Renesas which has a prize fund of over $100 000 for its RX Design Contest compared to the $10,000 on offer fro the Design Challenge.

Based on the “Discovery kit for STM32 Design Challenge” tool platform the contest is organized in three phases:

  • conceptual design,
  • early prototype,  
  • final prototype.

And there are three categories with contestants able to build their designs in devices with embedded flash memory usage of up to 32-KBytes; up to 256-KBytes; and up to 1-MByte.

The judges, which will include so far unnamed 'Community Member peers', will rate and vote for one overall winner for each phase.

During each phase, Community Members will be eligible for prizes based on their community participation. The contestant that makes it through the three phases and is awarded the Design Challenge's Grand Prize will win $3,500 in Amazon gift cards (which might only be redeemable in the US) and will be announced at the UBM Embedded Systems Conference, Silicon Valley, during the week of May 2, 2011.

All entrants who submit a valid title, abstract, and block diagram, will receive a Discovery kit for STM32 Design Challenge free of charge.

It is not clear if the contest is open to non-US based designers so it might be a good idea to check out the contest rules, eligibility requirements at

The contest seems to be in cooperation with UBM Electronics the publisher of the MCU Desigline but it is not clear from the available press information what UBM Electronics' involvement is.

Colin Holland
Editor – MCU Designline

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