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ARM 7 development kit


Hitex has a development kit for the ARM7 processor which is based on the Atmel AT91M55800A. The kit includes a high-density module with 2 Mbytes of RAM, 4Mbytes of Flash and 2Kbytes of serial EEPROM. The module also has the option to add two channels of CAN bus and an Ethernet interface as optional extras.

A baseboard is included for the module that provides sockets for all the serial interfaces and a bus expansion port along with all the cabling and power supply. The AT91M55800A contains the complete ARM7 TDMI core along with 8K internal SRAM, 58 IO lines, three USARTS and an SPI interface, 6 channel 16 timer counter, an 8 channel 10-bit A/D and a 2 channel 10 bit DAC, and an on chip real time clock.

The development kit includes the full GNU compiler for ARM and example code from which you can develop you own applications. The board is equipped with Flash programming tools and also includes a JTAG debugging port for access to the ARM embedded ICE.

The AT91M55800A module is also available separately and is suitable for integration into custom designs as an OEM component.

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